Detailed Model Cars

 Portraits of 188 PY

Guns are scratch-built; ammo boxes are in the cabinets.


Choice of polished or painted wheel discs.





Working convertible top.




Side windows slide up and down.


Elephant motifs have green miniature lightbulbs for eyes.



Twenty lights operate on three circuits.



Not all the lights were aimed at this point in construction.



Engine has full range of details typical of a DMC model.



The prototype car was sold at auction in 2010; the buyer was the grandson of the

maharajah who originally ordered the car from Rolls-Royce, so the car is back

in India but not before being show at Pebble Beach.


At one point , the crests on the doors were cast in sterling silver.   The model features

3D printed medallions of the Rajkot state crests.


The hunting lights are adjustable; the driving lights steer with the front wheels. The hunting

lights, sometimes called 'tiger lights' are a symbol of the majarajah's responsibility to maintain

the safety of his people.


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The digital photos on this site are unaltered.  Well, 'unaltered' may be a bit of an exaggeration, but for the most part they bear

some semblance to the models depicted.  If you see dust, the image is dead nuts on.  If there is no dust, it is something of a crapshoot, but

captures the essence of the model without the distractions of  background clutter and pet hair and  the odd insect wing or bird dropping.