Detailed Model Cars

Monster Merc


The origins of a DMC monster can be anything--a photo,  a prototype car, a story--but in this case it all started witih

an idea for an engine.  The formula will be simple:  Lots of details, lots of linkages, a big engine and an Alfa chassis.


The start of something wonderful--a flat crankshaft for a Mercedes engine made

from Rolls-Royce crankshaft components.  What could be better?



The collection of derelict parts did not contain the sides for the cylinder head.  Not to

worry; the Elves need a cross-flow head anyway.



Twin carburetors are always a good idea, and when they are giant carburetors

like the ones that come in the Pocher Mercedes,  the Elves approve.


A few drops of paint, and this side of the engine is looking pretty good.

The aircleaners are from the Rolls-Royce and have paper towel filters held in

place by brass mesh.


The left side of the engine is coming along.  Now the Elves need to find just the

right Alfa chassis.


Here's the engine in a refurbished derelict Alfa frame.  The distributor has been modified

to fit under the exhaust manifold, and the front engine mounts use the stock Alfa cross-member.

The stock Mercedes rear mount is modified to fit  the Alfa frame.



Early on it was decided to use a combination of Monza hood panels and stock spider hoods.

All of the panels needed heavy modification to fit.



On the ignition side of the engine, the hood panels will pivot open for easy service.



The upholstery was so neatly done on this model that every effort is being spent to save it.

The coaming around the cockpit seems to have been attacked by insects, but otherwise the leather looks new.  This

will be the first time the Elves have used the cowl over the spare wheel.  Even so, they could not resist making some changes.

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