Detailed Model Cars

The White Knight, companion to Black Bart, is nearing completion.

Like Black Bart, the White Knight a.k.a. "Catywumpus" is an Alfa Monza which has had a

flat-crank Rolls-Royce eight-liter straight-six engine rudely stuffed between its frame rails.

It all began innocently enough with test-fitting a Rolls-Royce engine.


Holy poops,  is that a gold plated flying lady radiator mascot? The headlights

are linked to the front wheels so the driver can see where he is going.



Still no draglink, but a dandy brown leather has been installed, and those

giant one-off wheels and tires are from Brian Yingling  in Texas.



A huge oil cooler is peeking out from under the frame rail.  The exhaust pipe

is right in front of it.  Perfect fit of hoods is not an option.



Still plenty to do, but not on the list is fixing the trim strip and painting over the

red underpanel.  Adding a steering arm is.


Now we are talking--an eight-liter (litre) PII engine with three Schebler carbs

(The carburetors are left-overs from the Black Bart project--waste not, want not.)




Hydraulic brake cylinder has been installed on the firewall.  Plenty left to do, but paint job--semi-flat

white rubbed with newspaper and various workshop schmutz--is nearly finished. (Shown here

prior to newspaper rubbing and general abuse.)




A wacky variation on the traditional Brooklands screens is sure to drive

the traditionalists nuts, but the passengers will appreciate the added

protection.  The big question:  to chrome plate or to paint. . . .


Scruffy chrome was the final answer.



Engine compartment is looking suitably stuffed full of , well, stuff.



An interesting factoid is that the nose, sidepanels and hoods are easily removable,

which makes this jammed engine compartment easy to access for additions or adjustments.




Strange, wrinkly leather has done a dandy job on the seat and dashboard.




The batteries hide under the seat cushion and make lights possible.




Lighted, the headlights are slightly less obnoxious, but still quite obnoxious.

They steer with the front wheels.


The sunlight makes the Cattywumpus look ready to go.




Like Black Bart, this looks like a hot ride.





Outrageous from any angle.



Studying all of the small details will give hours of quiet fun.


Ready to hop in and drive away .


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