Detailed Model Cars

The DMC S-12

The DMC S-12 is named for its straight-twelve engine which is the result of combining two Pocher Mercedes straight-eights and converting the result into a normally aspirated engine with little resemblance to its origins.  This model, along with the DMC Double-Six, were inspired by the British Phantom II Rolls-Royce chassis which have been equipped with aircraft engines.  Little of the original kits is still present in unmodified form in the DMC S-12, and much has been scratch-built, including the metal hoods and side grills, the interior, and the numerous details on the engine and chassis.  Scratch-built instruments are set into a cherry-wood dashboard, and every mechanical system has been faithfully included.  DMC is open to special projects, and the DMC S-12 is proof that the sky is the limit.

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