Detailed Model Cars


 Pocher model cars are known for their complexity and the difficulty of their construction.  Detailed Model Cars is a custom-building service for these legendary 1:8-scale classic car models.  At Detailed Model Cars, we take the remarkable components of these famous Italian kits and  we rearrange, modify, and substitute the parts until we have the makings of an award-winning model. After adding an average of 300 hours of construction, lots of scratch-built components and a big dose of passion, we end up with a miniature automobile that goes beyond "super-detailing" and into a realm we call Extreme Models--models that look like you could climb in and drive them away.  At Detailed Model Cars we specialize in Extreme Models.  Let Detailed Model Cars build you a Pocher-based heirloom--let us build you an Extreme Model.  Detailed Model Cars--where details count.








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